Engraved Cover, Bovine Leather Wallet, Sleeve Shell, Rough Style Personalized with your Name, For EYEs U11+ U11 Life play ultra x10 desire 550 10 bolt pro a9s 628 830 s9 825 630 530 626 a9

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If you are looking for a unique yet professional phone case for HTC, then here is your match! Genuinely handmade leather case just might be the one for you! *Leather case can be custom fit for any phone you have. Please specify your exact model.

Add your initials, personalize it! *PERSONALIZATION INSTRUCTIONS: Please enter me your name, initials or any word in the drop-down menu during checkout. 14 characters are the maximum! If you need longer engraving, please let me know. I use "TAHOMA" font, size 16 (5 mm = 3/16" high). I also can incorporate numbers and the following special characters: & ' " + - /,. All letters are UPPER case.

- Add initials for you or a friend

- Engrave your name or friends name

- Emboss personal motto or phrase

I try my best to find only the highest quality leather for all of our products. The leather for this case measures in approximately 2 mm in thickness, so you know this pouch will be strong and durable. Not only will the leather case maintain itself well but it will also keep your phone very secure. This snug fit allows your phone to stay free of dust, scratches, and other damages. Another feature unique to this style phone is that it has a small pocket on one side to hold a credit card, ID, or other types of small cards. Now, this leather phone case may even eliminate the need for a wallet too - less to carry! Please note upon purchase that no two pieces of genuine leather are alike; this is what differs genuine leather from the manmade material - genuine waxed leather will vary in texture and markings for every single piece. Therefore, upon purchase your item may slightly vary from the one pictured since the item I have in stock may not be the item pictured.