UV Nail Lamp LED Nail Dryer for Gel Nail Polish Dryer Nail Art at Home Shellac UV Light Gel Nail Dryer LED Curing Lamp 24W with 2 Timer Setting Auto Count down (White UV Nail Lamp)

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FAST CURING, EASY TO USE AT HOMEThis nail dryer for gel nails is perfect for an at home gel manicure. With our UV nail lamp / gel UV light, you can enjoy your nail art with Gel Nail Polish Professionally as salon quality at any time and anywhere instead of going to the nail salon outside to make Gel manicures and paying the expensive cost every time.
TIMER SETTING, CONVENIENT with AUTO COUNT DOWNYou needn't to set a phone alarm or count down by yourself, Just put your hand into the UV LED nail lamp / nail light and press the timer button of this nail curing light. This uv nail lamp / gel nail polish kit with uv light has 2 timer settings (30s / 60s) with a one-button design.
FIT the WHOLE HAND/FOOT (INCLUDING THUMB)Our nail polish dryer is designed enough to fit your whole hand / foot in at once, without the need to do the fingers gel nail polish curing separately. This shellac uv light has a big opening space to cure all five fingers including the thumb at once. And the uv nail lamp is also Lightweight, small, portable for travel.
SUPER EASY TO USE with AUTO ON/OFF SENSOR & FAST DRYINGTurning on/off automatically with sensors inside when your hand in/out. You can either put your hands in and it will automatically turn on and start counting. Or you can press the preset timer and when you put your hands in it automatically start the countdown. With UV LED dual light sources and a comfortable temperature, this shellac uv light uv nail lamp is able to cure both LED & UV Gel Nail Polish quickly. With the multi-angle LED UV
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEEThere is a 12-month free warranty and money-back guarantee for this LED UV Nail Lamp UV light for gel nails. If you are not satisfied with our nail dryer, let us know and you will be offered a full refund or replacement. The Best uv nail lamp / LED Nail Dryer for you!


Bring your nail salon HOME! Get a salon quality nail art AT HOME without wasting money & time to salon. Easy to use and convenient with timer setting, auto countdown,auto on/off sensor. Fit the whole hand without curing thumb separately. Fast drying for all gel polish.


With LED and UV dual optical wavelength lights, this shellac uv light;/ UV Nail lamp / LED nail lamp / UV Nail dryer can cure almost all Gel Nail Polish.

Closer white light and low heat mode protects your hands and eyes, avoiding harm from outdated UV Nail lamp;Nail Curing Light.

No need to replace any light bulbs.


Don't forget to use a cleanser;or rubbing alcohol if you feel;that the;gel is sticky after curing.


1x 24W LED UV Nail Lamp for Gel Nail Polish;(NOT nail lamp 48w)

1x Gel nail uv light;curing lamp,;User Manual

1x Power Adapter for led curing light;Gel Nail Dryer

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